Welcome to the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo website

Privatization Agency of Kosovo is established as an independent public body, which shall carry out its functions and responsibilities with full autonomy, pursuant to the Assembly of Kosovo Law No. 05/L-080 on amending and supplementing the law No. 04/L-034 as amended and supplemented with the law No. 04/L-115 on the ending of international supervision of independence of Kosovo.

PAK shall possess full juridical capacity and in particular the capacity to enter into contracts, acquire, hold and dispose of property and have all implied powers to discharge fully the tasks and powers conferred upon it by the present law; and to sue and be sued in its own name.

PAK is established as the successor of the Kosovo Trust Agency regulated by UNMIK Regulation 2002/12 “on  establishment of the Kosovo Trust Agency”, as amended, and all assets and liabilities
of the latter shall be assets and liabilities of the PAK.

The Special Chamber has exclusive jurisdiction for all suits against the Agency.

1. The Agency shall have a Board of
Directors, a Managing Director and two Deputy Managing Directors, a Director of the Executive Secretariat and professional and clerical staff.

2. All powers of the Agency shall be vested in the Board. The Board may delegate the exercise of its powers to the Managing Director, save those powers reserved to the Board by Article 15.

3. The Managing Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Agency. The Managing Director and the two Deputy Managing Directors shall be appointed and removed by the Board. They shall exercise those powers of the Agency vested in them by the Board or the present Law.

4. The Managing Director shall, under the general control of the Board, conduct the ordinary business of the Agency. The Managing Director shall be responsible for the organisation, appointment and dismissal of the staff, except the appointment and dismissal of the two Deputy Managing Directors and such other staff as the Board may determine. The Managing Director shall exercise such other powers as may be delegated to him by the Board.

In compliance with the PAK previous Law No. 03/L-067, the inaugurating Board meeting of PAK took place on 26th of August 2008. Since then, the PAK continues with privatization of Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs).